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How to become a 2-1-1 Call Center

National Standards for 2-1-1 Centers

Recommended by the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems
Adopted by the National 2-1-1 Collaborative
May 5, 2000

Organizations who have implemented or have begun the process for creating and implementing a 2-1-1 Call Center have suggested the following become national standards for operation:

1. Ensure the provision of 24 hour coverage, year-round.
2. Ascribe to the AIRS Standards for Information & Referral.
3. Have a plan in place to become or be accredited by AIRS.
4. Utilize Certified Information & Referral Specialists and Resource Specialists.
5. Demonstrate cooperative relationships with specialized I & Rs, crisis centers, 9-1-1s and
3-1-1s, where applicable.
6. Have means of tracking call volume, number of abandoned calls, average speed of answering, average call length.
7. Computerized I & R database with client collection capability.
8. Use the AIRS/InfoLine Taxonomy.
9. Have the ability to publicize 2-1-1 services and educate the public on an on-going basis.
10. TTY and multi-lingual accessibility either on-site or access to live translation.
11. Commitment to develop linkages through protocol with appropriate clearinghouse agencies that may be able to provide services such as volunteer or donation management.
12. Ensure quality of service and inquirer satisfaction through appropriate follow up.

Within States or Regions where more than one I & R will be providing 2-1-1 services; it is recommended that 2-1-1 Centers have the following:

1. An agreed upon plan to work in tandem to ensure 2-1-1 service to all areas of the state or region.
2. Ability to share resource data information.
3. Ability to track and share information on client needs and unmet needs.
4. A common means of measuring outcomes for the operation of a call center.
5. An agreed upon means of communicating with the community represented by the call center on requests for assistance, perceived gaps and barriers to service.


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